Choosing the right domain name

What's in a Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is an important part of getting your website noticed, both on and off the web.

You should therefore consider the dual-name approach.

Domain Name 1

This is designed for the search engines and people who don't know you exist, and should be the primary domain attached to your web hosting.

Consider a person looking for your services who doesn't know you exist. They will be searching using keywords relative to your industry. Therefore if you are a plumber in sheffield, would be a good choice of domain name.

Notice the hyphen - this is the search engine equivalent to a space and helps to mimic the search phrase that users would input.

Domain Name 2

Whilst something like is easy enough to remember, your search engine friendly domain may be something longer like

This is a bit of a mouthful and not very 'user' friendly for typing into a browser. You can therefore go for a secondary domain name that is easier to remember or reflects your actual company name, such as, and simply point this domain name to your website too. This would be the domain name you use on letterheads, emails, vehicles etc.

People who have access to this domain name do not need to search for you and therefore a shorter, more memorable domain name is an advantage.

Before you register your domain name why not check with us first.

Sleepy Frog Designs can do a keyword and domain search first to find out the best domains available that will help your site's search engine rankings.