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Website Management

Once your website is up and running it is important that it is kept up to date to ensure that visitors will want to return again and again.

Not only will this help to build up customer loyalty, but will also help with your search engine rankings as they, too, like websites with regularly changing content. News pages, case studies/testimonials, Facebook/Twitter feeds, events and special offers are excellent examples of pages which can be easily and regularly updated.

Website management also ensures that the basic code of your web pages stays up to date. In the constant fight against spammers, hackers and virus attacks, software is regularly updated and in some cases this has clashed with that used to build websites. Past cases have included Symantec software blocking images it deems are adverts and banners, pop-up windows being blocked as adverts even though they may be legitimate web pages (such as help boxes or frequently asked questions), and the upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 which didn't include automatic Javascript support (previously included in versions up until then).

However, with Sleepy Frog Designs you have the choice in how your site is managed. I do not insist that you take out a management contract with us once your site is complete. Whilst it is recommended, you can opt to simply have updates done as and when required and be billed by the hour.

I also undertake management contracts on websites built by other design companies - so if you already have a website but are unhappy with your current supplier get in touch to see how much a website management contract with Sleepy Frog Designs would be. (However, be warned that most websites I take over are very badly coded and need remedial work carrying out to bring them up to standard.)

With Sleepy Frog Designs' website management you can rest assured that your web pages will automatically be updated whenever such problems occur.