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Website Design

When designing a website, the flow through the pages by the visitor and the actual content of the site is just as important as the actual look.


Does the website contain all relevant information?

It is important that the visitor feels they have access to all the information they need from your website. For example, if you don't want to include prices on your website then this must be clearly stated, rather than leaving the visitor to think this is an oversight. Providing additional information in the form of PDF downloads, such as technical specs or brochures, ensures that those who wish to can access the information, whilst the website remains clutter-free for those who don't.

Can it be accessed easily?

A visitor should be able to access every web page on your site with a maximum of 3 mouse clicks (2 is even better). Clear navigation is essential and the visitor should know where they are within the website at all times, without having to repeatedly backtrack.

Is the website 'mobile friendly'?

Visitors now access the internet on many styles of mobile phones and telephones, so it's important that your website works on these devices too. Google will also rank your website lower if it not mobile friendly.

Can the visitor easily get in touch with you?

It is no use burying your contact details deep within your website - they should be only 1 mouse click from your homepage and where possible you should aim to have at least an email link on every page. This may seem like common sense, but even large corporate sites have been known to go live with no contact details anywhere on the site!

Is the site easy on the eye?

Many people forget that their website will be viewed on many different kinds of computers and in many situations. It is therefore important to keep pages clear and text easy to read and not to get carried away with fussy backgrounds and clashing colour schemes.

No artwork? No problem!

Sleepy Frog Designs normally produce websites based on existing company graphics. However if you are a start-up company, or just fancy a change, I can produce custom logo's and graphics from scratch and at a fraction of the cost of graphic design companies. Alternatively I  can work with your current brochure/letterhead designer to produce a website that fully integrates with your company's existing branding.

I design websites to be fast loading, easy to navigate and appealing to the visitor so they will stay on your website as long as possible.