About Carol Herbert

I started building websites in the early 1990s as a sub-contractor for several national companies but became disillusioned with the industry standard at that time of charging the customer extortionate fees whilst the actual programmers were paid peanuts, so in 1996 I decided to set out on my own and created Sleepy Frog Designs.

The aim was, and still is, to provide websites for individuals and small businesses without all the jargon and tech-speak so beloved in the industry and which some still use to have you look at the left hand while the right one is adding another nought to the bill.

I made a conscious decision to remain small: I like to have control of a project from start to finish and, well, what am I going to do with a yacht anyway.

However, this has meant that my customers know and trust the advice that I give them; I will always explain things in plain English and offer the best advice for the customer, even if that means recommending third party services they can get cheaper (or free).

Some of my customers have been with me since those early days and many are more like friends.

If you're wanting to have a new website, or your existing one is looking a bit tired, contact me to discuss your options and pricing.