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Website Build

Your website has to perform on many different computers, running many different browser programmes, in many different situations.

PC's, Apple Macs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox; resolutions from 360px wide up to 2000px and over - the list of combinations is almost endless.

Like any industry, fashions and ways of coding are constantly changing, and as ways to access the internet evolve many fall by the wayside to be replaced by the latest 'must have'.  It is for this reason that Sleepy Frog Designs prefers to build what others would consider 'basic' websites, without the reliance of animations or over-complicated navigation systems. Using the latest industry standard HTML5 and CSS3 coding methods I produce websites which are not only rebust and able to operate well over all platforms, but need very little updating when new ones emerge.

Before your website is released it is tested on the main browsers and at various resolutions to make sure that the website performs as expected for the majority of visitors, as well as on a range of Smartphone and Tablet settings. However, I do realise that there may be occasions when a visitor is running an unusual combination of hardware and software which may have a problem with the website and in such cases I will look to resolve the issue free of charge.

At Sleepy Frog Designs, I build websites to tried and tested code standards to ensure that even if everything else stops working when the next programme upgrades come out, your website wont.

Included in all new website builds at no extra cost: Keyword research, search engine optimisation and submission to the major free search engines/directories on completion.