Richard Herbert, my father Gwenneth Williams, my mother Sarah Hibbitt Jane Rawnsley, my great-great grandma Mother of Jane RAWNSLEY, wife of John - name unknown Herbert Family Tree  
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Twelfth Generation

3712. Leonard SIDGWICK was born 06 Apr 1635 in Dent and was christened 12 Apr 1635 in St Andrew's, Dent . Was buried 30 Sep 1687 in Dent, Yorkshire. Leonard SIDGWICK married Alice.

Parents Will

Mentioned in the will of his grandfather, Leonard SEDGWICK of Banklands, on 10 April 1646.
Buried as Leonard SIDGWICK of Banklands (in Kirthaite, Dent, where he lived from 1672 to 1687).

Children of Leonard SIDGWICK and Alice :

3713. Alice.

Possibly buried 7 October 1695

3714. Richard HAYGARTH was christened 05 Mar 1642/1643. He died in Hindkeld, Garsdale, Yorkshire and was buried 08 Jan 1700 in St John's, Garsdale, Yorkshire. Richard HAYGARTH married Katherine DAWSON.

Parents Will

Children of Richard HAYGARTH and Katherine DAWSON :

3715. Katherine DAWSON was born about 1649. was buried 24 Jun 1731 in Garsdale, Yorkshire.


Joint executor of her mother, Margaret's will along with her brother, Michael.
Following the death of her sister Jane and brother-in-law Michael DAWSON around 1688, she accepted responsibility for their three daughters Elizabeth, Margaret and Catherine DAWSON and brought them up as her own.

3716. Timothy THISTLETHWAITE was christened 27 Apr 1640 in Dent, Yorkshire. He died 1710 in Leaks, Dent, Yorkshire and was buried 13 Oct 1710 in Dent, Yorkshire. Timothy THISTLETHWAITE married Margaret MASON on 19 Jun 1680 in Dent, Yorkshire.

Parents Will

Also known as Timothie THISLTHWAIT.

Probate: Will dated Oct 10, 1710, Inventory dated Oct 16, 1710 & Probate Bond dated October 18, 1710; Consistory Court of the Comissary of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, Western Deaneries; Lonsdale Deanery original wills.

Timothy was appointed a trustee and supervisor of the estate of Miles Thistlethwaite of Scotchergill, his brother, 5 May 1689 at Dent. He was appointed one of the joint executors of the will of his brother-in-law John Mason, 3 May 1702. He signed his own will 10 Oct 1710 at Leakes in Dent.

Children of Timothy THISTLETHWAITE and Margaret MASON :

3717. Margaret MASON was christened 22 Feb 1646 in Dent, Yorkshire. She died 1731 in Dent, Yorkshire and was buried 03 Jun 1731 in Dent, Yorkshire.


3720. James DAWSON was born Bfr 1 Dec 1635 in Grassholmeblade, Garsdale, Yorkshire. He died May 1691 in Grassholmeblade, Garsdale, Yorkshire. James DAWSON married Isabel DAWSON.


Children of James DAWSON and Elizabeth DAWSON :

3721. Isabel DAWSON was christened 06 Dec 1635 in Dent, Yorkshire. She died in Grassholmeblade and was buried 08 Sep 1707 in Garsdale, Yorkshire.


3744. William SEDGWICK was buried 04 Jan 1725 in Dent, Yorkshire. He married Alice THISTLETHWAITE [Allice Thistlethwayte] on 06 Oct 1687 in Dent, Yorkshire.

Children of William SEDGWICK and Alice THISTLETHWAITE :

3745. Alice THISTLETHWAITE was christened 16 Dec 1660 in Dent, Yorkshire. was buried 28 Mar 1703 in Dent, Yorkshire.


3748. James HAYGARTH was christened 14 Oct 1616 in Dent, Yorkshire. was buried 17 Aug 1693 in Dent, Yorkshire. James HAYGARTH married Alice GARTHWAITE on 31 May 1643 in Dent. James HAYGARTH then married Agnes MASON on 30 Apr 1662 in Dent, Yorkshire.

Children of James HAYGARTH and Alice GARTHWAITE :

Children of James HAYGARTH and Agnes MASON :

3749. Agnes MASON was buried 13 Mar 1669 in Dent, Yorkshire.

3776. Thomas HAYGARTH was born 1613. He died 1698. Thomas HAYGARTH married Isabel HOLME on 08 Sep 1636 in Dent, Yorkshire.


Children of Thomas HAYGARTH and Isabel HOLME :

3777. Isabel HOLME.


Children of Unknown GREENWOOD :

3800. William BURTON married Isabel. Died 1686.


Children of William BURTON and Isabel :

3801. Isabel.

3802. Richard THISLETHWAITE was christened 06 May 1621 in Harborgill, Dent, Yorkshire. He died in Harborgill, Dent, Yorkshire and was buried 06 Nov 1686 in Dent, Yorkshire. Richard THISLETHWAITE married Margaret HARKER about 1677.

Parents Will

The marriage of Richard and Margaret is not in the Dent, Sedbergh or Kirkby Lonsdale Registers and no marriage bond has been found; it probably took place at Garsdale, whose registers and BTs are lost before 1694.

Richard was appointed one of the joint executors of the will of William Thistlethwaite, his father, who bequeathed to him the property at Harborgill and a third share of the pasture close in Widdale; William made his will 19 Apr 1660 at Harborgill in Dent.
Richard was nominated as executor of the will of Isabel Thistlethwaite, his mother, 4 Aug 1666 at Harborgill in Dent and of the will of John Thistlethwaite, his brother, 26 May 1684 at Harborgill in Dent.
He made his own will on 24th Aug 1686 at Harborgill.

Children of Richard THISTLETHWAITE and Margaret HARKER :

3803. Margaret HARKER was christened 27 Jun 1654 in Muker, Yorkshire. was buried 25 Dec 1691 in Dent, Yorkshire.


Margaret was named as a legatee in the will of John Thistlethwaite, her brother-in-law, 26 May 1684 at Harborgill.
She was nominated as executrix of the will of her husband, Richard Thistlethwaite, 24 Aug 1686 at Harborgill in Dent.

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