Website Health Checks

With most internet industry reports indicating that up to 80% of a website's visitors are sent via a search engine, you can see that your search engine ranking plays a large part in deciding whether your website is a success or failure.

Even well-established websites can have problems getting good ranking scores. What's more, you may be losing valuable customers once they have found your website, simply because they cannot find what they need or how to contact you.

It is common for websites to be 'over-designed', with all emphasis being put on the way a website looks, rather than ensuring that the core structure is search engine friendly. What's more, website builders' may not take into consideration how a website will look and perform in other browser/operating system combinations, or what would happen it someone couldn't view images or Flash.

Sleepy Frog Designs' website healthcheck service combines elements of our Search Engine Optimisation service with a comprehensive website analysis to show you exactly where there are any problems. We look at your website as a customer would, as well as the core code of your website, to see what areas of your website could be costing you sales.

The Sleepy Frog Designs Website Health Check Service covers:

  • Keyword Research
    This is where the actual keywords for your website are developed by first checking what keywords relevant to your business are REALLY being used in Google and the other major search engines.
  • Website Ranking Check and Keyword Rankings
    This establishes where your website is at the moment; what search engines you appear on, which pages, how many people link back to you, your Google Page Rank, how you rank for the most popular keywords, how many competitors there are etc.
  • Website Optimisation
    This report shows you exactly how to change your web pages to make the most of the chosen keywords and make them as attractive as possible to the search engines.
  • Website Performance
    This report will go through the technical and design elements of your website, to highlight coding errors, optimisation issues, graphic/image problems, browser compatibility and user friendliness as well as suggesting any necessary improvements.
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission / Link Building / Article Submissions & Blogging
    A list of URLs to enable you to submit your site to the major search engines once you have completed the website changes. Tips are also provided on how to generate more backlinks to your website which will help to improve your rankings.

The information provided will give clear instructions so that you or your current web administrator/builder can make the necessary changes to the website. (Please note that in order to do so you will need suitable web authoring software and be able upload files to your hosting server. You may also require image software to optimise graphics.)

Alternatively we can provide you with an estimate to carry out the changes on your behalf.

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Here are just a few comments from the many companies we have helped:

'if IT personnel are specifically looking for these products  they are likely to come across us before anyone else and our consistency to come on the first page should demonstrate our strength, knowledge and experience within these technologies'

'The ranking analysis done by the health check clearly showed our keywords were far too popular and we are never likely to come close to the first page in Google so this reinforced our decision to enforce more specific keywords in order to be successful within search engines.'

'The overall information provided on this Health Check was extremely helpful and accurate and challenged our practices and the way we use our website.'